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Click Repair if a page that breaks out of frames is preventing you from loading the AutoSurf Player

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Vertical Browser is a free online application that displays and rotates web pages like a slide show. The AutoSurf Player works with most web browsers. (See list of supported browsers.)
AutoSurf Quick Start - Easy Steps:  
Click "Play" >> AutoSurf button to start.  

Click to resume AutoSurfing (if paused).

Click to stop (or pause) AutoSurfing.

Click to Uninstall iframe. 

AutoSurf Player - Basic Help:


1. Click on the Setup button and a floating window will pop up. 

2. Click on the Manage Play List button to expand the controls.

 3. Select one of our ready-made play lists from the Sample Play Lists menu, and click on the Play button.

Rollover and click on the horizontal  green lines to jump from web page to Resource Box and fit frame in window. 

RealPlayer users:  Fit frame in window also with arrow at the top left corner of the page.

36 links estimated play time (with 30 sec. delay) = 18 minutes


Old version Internet Explorer users:  If AutoSurf frame height shifts or window appears out of place, try clicking  the "Compatibility View" icon (on/off) in your Internet Explorer address top bar to correct such problems.

  Thumbnail Slideshows...

To step through Play List Thumbnails:

  • Click on the "+ / frame" button to Hide Inline Frame
  • Play AutoSurf

To view the website of a slideshow Play List Thumbnail:

  • Stop or Pause AutoSurf
  • Click on the "+ / frame" button to Show Inline Frame



How to Play Your Favorite Bookmark Links Like a Slide Show.

Click on Setup AutoSurf. 

The default play list will appear.

Click on the Hide button of the floating control panel.

Click on the red crosshair to start a new list (all the fields will be set to blank).

Go to your browser's bookmarks. (If you are using Internet Explorer go to your History tab.)

Drag the icons you want from your bookmarks and drop them into the play list fields.

This is the easiest way to create AutoSurf play lists without typing. Just drag and drop your bookmarks.

When you're finished making your list, click on the film canister icon and the floating control panel will be visible again. (Remember, if you can't see the control panel, just click on a film canister icon, and the control panel will come into view.)

Set the timer and click on the Play button. AutoSurfing will begin with your selected bookmarks.

AutoSurfing frees you from your mouse and keyboard to reduce eyestrain and backache.

Happy AutoSurfing!
How to Export and Import AutoSurf Play Lists.

Click on the Setup button and a floating window will pop up.

 Click on the Manage Play List button to expand the controls.

Click on Export Links. A plain text and encrypted play list will be generated.

Play lists can be saved as text files and e-mailed to friends.

To Auto play another play list, paste it into the black box and click on Import Links (Firefox users click twice if encrypted).

Set the timer and click on the Play button. 

AutoSurf Play Lists.
AutoSurf Web Mining (Internet Explorer or RealPlayer, etc. required).

If you will be viewing unreliable web pages or ones experiencing technical difficulties, HiSafe security mode lets you browse with strict security restrictions without changing your system settings.

Hide the inline frame (iframe).

Click on Personal and open the Rich text editor.

Drag the editor under the iframe line.

Make the inline frame visible again.

Play AutoSurf.

Create a Project Group in the Rich Text Editor.

Drag and drop elements from the Internet into your Project Group boxes.

HiSafe security mode is well-suited for personal Web Mining with the Rich Text Editor. It doesn’t execute runtime script, but only views the document’s design surface.

Mine for online data as easy as collecting newspaper clippings!

Click on the eye icon to get source code and JavaScript. The Rich Text Editor converts visual objects into source code automatically without programming as you surf the Internet.

Save Project Groups to your computer. Print or e-mail Project Groups to others.

Whenever a HiSafe radio button is clicked, you may get Access Denied blocking or 'Halted Script' runtime errors. If so, Return to the controls and click on the same HiSafe radio button again. An alert box displaying your HiSafe Security Mode setting should popup.

AutoSurf Web Mining with Internet Explorer.

If Project Groups with images are saved to your computer, their hyperlink addresses (not the actual images) are saved. Since web links may expire and be not found, you may want to print a "hard copy" of a Project Group before any links expire. Pdf995 makes it easy to create PDF files by selecting the "print" command from the Rich Text Editor, creating e-book documents which can be viewed on any device with a PDF viewer. 

 AutoSurf Player - Advanced Help:   Use Internet Explorer for best functioning 


1. Click on the Setup button and a floating window will pop up. 


2. Click on the Hide button to access page beneath the controls.


3. Populate the list fields with your links to make an AutoSurfing play list.
(With Internet Explorer launch favorites to use. Go to most recent history folder to drag and drop their icons.)


4. Click on the film canister image and the floating window will pop up again.


5. Click on the Manage Play List button to expand the controls.


6. Simply paste and click to Import and Export your favorite links for AutoSurfing! 

Set a time delay interval and click on the Play button. 

Use "Load, Persist and Reset" buttons to play previously stored list or save current list to cookie.


Click on Play Reverse Order to transpose the entire Play List.

To play backward from the current URL:

  • Click on Play Reverse Order
  • Pause (Stop/Cancel) AutoSurf
  • Wait for Timer to Reach Zero
  • Click on Resume Play

(So as not to launch a second instance of AutoSurfing and get a runtime mix-up, do not Play or Resume Play before the timer reaches zero. On the fly changes can be made in Setup while AutoSurfing without having to click on Stop.) 

Why Encrypted Play Lists?

Some links may contain more than just a website's address. In the case of FTP for example, the URL could contain an actual password which you would obviously not want to reveal. Other links could contain a publisher partner ID or sales affiliate code, which should not be improperly shared. For these and other reasons you can encrypt exported play lists by changing the default key from "auto" to any password you want. The same password must be used to import an encrypted play list. Please do not ask us about forgotten encryption passwords. We do not keep user data logs. No signup is required for the AutoSurf Player. Our visitors are anonymous and we have no way of recovering encryption passwords.

Income from the Internet without a website or programming skills? Encrypted AutoSurf play lists give innovative trainers, instructors, lecturers, etc, the opportunity to charge their students or members for dedicated AutoSurf web presentations using password protection. A website is not required if an instructor has sought-after play lists.

Personal Resource URL - Advanced Help:


1. Click on the personal button and a dialog box will pop up. 

The icons will launch a few basic built-in tools (bookmark, spreadsheet, temporary links, and rich text editor).


The Resource Location URL you enter in the text field will be persistent as your Main Website and will open whenever the "reload main" button is clicked. It will also automatically serve as your parent website when the Vertical Browser iframe is both installed and uninstalled. The browser remembers this setting until you change it or clear browser cookies. Do not enter an URL that breaks out of frames. 

Trident (MSHTML) layout engine browsers will see an extra option: Default to Internet Explorer for AutoSurfing or fit in frame using Avant, Slim Browser, Real Player, etc.

Click Repair below if a page that breaks out of frames is preventing you from loading the AutoSurf Player.


The  Reset All option will restore the Resource URL to default ( with the options of restoring the entire current autosurf play list to default, and clearing the dropdown menu list for computer privacy.

Enable the favicons Check Box if you want to display thumbnail snapshots and show favorite icons next to URLs.  


A Don't Need Help button takes you to the Resource Box panel of a dozen default sub-home pages with their favicons. You can Edit the Link names and urls as you prefer, and the browser will remember the new settings and display their favicons when Vertical Browser loads again. Clicking Reset All will restore the Resource Box panel to default for the current session. (To complete the cookie persistence storage process, click OK for each modified link name and link url.)

Disable the favicons Check Box if you want the Panel or Alerts Task to be visible when you AutoSurf.

Edit the Resource Box panel links to launch your most often-viewed web pages and other online documents. 
pdf .swf .doc .txt .gif .jpg .bmp .avi .mpg .wav .mid .mp3 

If you use the form below to make Vertical Browser your SubHome Page, it will create a link that automatically places your home url into the Resource Location field when Vertical Browser loads. If the home url is your own blog or website, you may want to generate a link button to paste into your home page so visitors can easily access the Autosurf Player from your site.

Don't Make Vertical Browser Your Home Page?

Instead, make Vertical Browser your SubHome Page (an iframe container that wraps itself around your home page).
Enter the URL to be used as your home page (it must not break out of frames) and Vertical Browser will wrap around it.


To directly start AutoSurfing when the page loads add  =PLAY  to the end of your link:



If you are new to AutoSurfing, click the "Alerts" item and popup messages will provide useful information to acquaint you with the basics. 


When you are finally familiar with AutoSurfing, click on the "Hide" item and the messages will no longer appear. 


Vertical Browser will remember your settings the next time you use it. 



AutoSurf All

RealPlayer users can Autosurf while listening to music. File/Open:
PDF Report: Is “Daydream Learning” Possible?

AutoSurf All Sample Play Lists:

AutoSurf All Sample Play Lists plays your current list and all 15 sample play lists unattended (576 pages).

Estimated play time (with 30 sec. delay) = 4.8 hours

Estimated play time (with 60 sec. delay) = 9.6 hours

Experiment in subliminal learning.

All-day AutoSurfing in the background of regular activities is a show-stopper at public display areas and on reception desks. A second computer with a large-screen monitor is recommended.
Do not Hide Inline Frame or reset Rotator delay while Autosurfing All Sample Play Lists. Refresh browser [F5] to stop Autosurfing All Sample Play Lists.  

AutoSurf All

According to researchers, background TV can have an adverse impact on our ability to learn and concentrate. But subliminal learning events from the Internet can actually help our brain realize their reward value and apply them to better decision-making.

For best results turn off your screen saver when AutoSurfing and view full screen [F11]. 

Mozilla Firefox Extension:

Firefox users should install the extension for error-free browsing. Some external sites may disable JavaScript and freeze all AutoSurfing. To prevent this, please install the Noscript Firefox extension, the most powerful anti-XSS and anti-Clickjacking protection available in a browser. 

 Click here to test your Firefox version.

Normally allow all scripts globally. But if an external site freezes your Autosurfing, you can forbid it from running scripts. also allows Firefox users to block scripts from companies that they don't trust, delete local shared objects, and even block images and iframes. Ghostery puts your web privacy back in your hands.

(Or use older Firefox version 21.0b7 for regular AutoSurfing.)




AutoSurf Player - Requirements: 

Vertical Browser AutoSurf Player works with most web browsers. (See list of supported browsers.)


The AutoSurfing Player lets you monitor up to 36 (or 576) URL links with no typing or clicking. It’s like watching a slideshow. AutoSurfing frees you from your mouse and keyboard to reduce eyestrain and backache (Text Neck), and help prevent disorders such as Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) from too much typing without a break, and Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) from sitting too long without moving. Computer keyboards collect bacteria that may cause food poisoning symptoms and other illnesses.


Who Needs AutoSurfing? 

  • Anyone who follows the Internet for breaking news items. 

  • Marketing specialists who watch web sites related to specific products and services. 

  • Webmasters and system administrators who follow numerous IP addresses to observe their connectivity status. 

  • Lectures, galleries and presentations: The AutoSurf Player on a large screen monitor is a show-stopper in public display areas and on reception desks.

Vertical Browser Autosurf Player Setup lets you edit slideshow play lists. It should not be mistaken for low-grade advertising-outlet autosurf traffic exchanges. Vertical Browser Autosurfing does not require an investment and involves no monetary transactions. Credits are not earned for page views (content is king, not advertising). The ready-made Sample Play Lists let you AutoSurf the top 500 sites suggested by major search engine results (sites that break out of frames are excluded from play lists).  

Much of the world wide web still imposes old-school tools and tactics of the 1990s. It requires you to press keys, click a mouse, touch a screen, or in any case "pull levers" to access content. But with today's processing power and high speed Internet that is no longer necessary. AutoSurfing runs hands-free while you do other things. It connects you to the Cloud to add to the feeling of global awareness.

PDF Report: Is “Daydream Learning” Possible?

If you will be viewing unreliable web pages or ones experiencing technical difficulties, HiSafe security mode lets you browse with strict security restrictions without changing your system settings. It doesn’t execute runtime script, but only views the document’s design surface.

Internet Explorer (or RealPlayer, etc.) is required for HiSafe security mode. 

HiSafe security mode is well-suited for personal Web Mining with the Rich Text Editor and other Vertical Browser built-in tools (HTML Spreadsheets and Temporary User Links).

What's the Safest Browser? 

According to TechRepublic, a recent study by NSS Labs clearly showed that Microsoft Internet Explorer was significantly better at blocking malware than any other browser tested. In fact, the study showed that no other tested browser even came close to challenging IE. Google Chrome is largely the most highly regarded for security. (But Chrome may be a privacy risk because it's not entirely open source and we can’t look inside and see how it works.) What Makes A Browser Secure? Based on the number of vulnerabilities published on each web browser since January 2013, Opera is the winner. (Opera's market share is around one percent so there's probably not a lot of interest in finding Opera vulnerabilities.) Best browser for speed: Internet Explorer (both the desktop and modern incarnations) isn't just ahead, but ahead by a significant amount. Best for add-ons: Firefox has long been the leader of this particular category. The most recent version of Safari for Windows, 5.1.7, was released in 2012. Perhaps it is time information technology professionals renewed their web browser choices. When used with Vertical Browser's HighSafe security mode, Internet Explorer does a better job of blocking malware sites because scripts are not executed. 

In the late 1990s, when Internet connections were slow dial-ups with tiny bandwidth, many people viewed the use of frames as an evil scourge. To have their pages trapped inside someone else's inline frame was described as hot-linking or taking bandwidth in the wrong manner. It was also argued that cross-frame implementation could possibly launch malware. But after the Internet bubble of the 1990s finally burst, the opposite of accepted conventional wisdom appeared to be true.

Today, the web has high-speed broadband and unlimited bandwidth. Webmasters now want to be linked to by all means because that drives more free traffic to their sites. It also emerged that various companies that defamed inline frames and persuaded developers to avoid them were in fact using them more than anyone else - to set up billion-dollar advertising delivery platforms. Firms that collect user information hate iframes because surfing in a nested frame makes it harder for third-party cookies to track the end user. As the trend moves to hands-free AutoSurfing, it is perhaps ironic that the business of blocking frames and crippling the web in order to collect user data is actually driving away traffic and locking itself out of the Cloud

Vertical Browser AutoSurf Player was tested with: 

Windows (Explorer, RealPlayer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari)
Linux Ubuntu (Firefox, Opera)
Android (Firefox, Opera)
Internet Explorer is required for AutoSurf Web Mining. HiSafe security mode is well-suited for personal Web Mining with the Rich Text Editor. Mine for online data as easy as collecting newspaper clippings.
Opera browser has greatly improved and performs best overall at AutoSurfing with a unique Turbo mode that can load web pages faster than other browsers. Zoom while you AutoSurf. Drag and drop your bookmarks to create AutoSurf play lists. Launch the same URL in another browser with just one click.
Mozilla Firefox  Using Firefox is an easy way to create AutoSurf play lists without typing. Just drag and drop your bookmarks. Install the extension for error-free AutoSurfing (Or use Firefox version 21.0b7 for regular AutoSurfing.) Click here to test your Firefox version. 
RealPlayer video library transfers your videos to your favorite devices like BlackBerry, iPod, iPhone and game consoles. RealPlayer users can Autosurf while listening to music. Burn your videos to DVD with RealPlayer Plus. 
Google Chrome is a Google browser powered by WebKit layout engine software. 
Apple Safari is a web browser developed by Apple Inc. 
The AutoSurf Player was also tested with the following browsers: 
Avant is a full-featured tri-core rendering browser which supports IE/Firefox/Chrome engines. Avant is fast, stable and memory leak free.
Crazy Browser is a tabbed web browser that uses the Internet Explorer engine. Crazy Browser provides many features that make surfing the web more comfortable and less confusing.
Deepnet Explorer is the first browser with fully integrated P2P file sharing capabilities and a built-in RSS/ATOM news reader.
GreenBrowser is a tabbed multiple windows browser with powerful features. GreenBrowser is based upon the Trident rendering engine used in Internet Explorer.
K-Meleon is an extremely fast, customizable, lightweight web browser based on the Gecko layout engine developed by Mozilla which is also used by Firefox.
PhaseOut is a flash-based shell for Internet Explorer. It adds some really impressive looking graphics and customizable skins to your web browsing experience.
SeaMonkey web browser interface is similar to the one of Firefox, with a few additional features.SeaMonkey is the all-in-one internet application suite formerly known as the "Mozilla Application Suite."
SlimBrowser is a tabbed multiple-site web browser that uses the Microsoft Trident layout engine. SlimBrowser is a fast and secure web browser for Windows fully loaded with many features.
SunDance Web Browser is an Internet browser featuring a very friendly interface, great speed, and simplicity. Surf the Internet with this lightweight web browser.
Trident (also known as MSHTML) is the name of the layout engine for the Windows version of the Internet Explorer web browser.
Gecko (originally known as NGLayout) is the name of the layout engine developed by the Mozilla Project organization. Gecko is an open source browser engine designed to support open Internet standards.
WebKit is a layout engine that powers the Apple Safari and Google Chrome browsers. The Chromium projects were released in 2008. The Chromium projects include the Google Chrome browser and Google Chrome OS. Apple IPad devices may need an alternative browser to AutoSurf.
Presto (developed from ECMAScript) was the layout engine for the Opera web browser (developed by Opera Software). Opera will gradually phase out Presto in all its products and transition to the Blink (WebKit-based) layout engine.




Opera browser users can Autosurf while page zooming.
PDF Report: Is “Daydream Learning” Possible?


Tired of Finger Painting? Why Paddle When You Can AutoSurf?

By browsing this site you are agreeing to the use of cookies. Cookies are tiny bits of data that websites store in your web browser to make your online experience better. This site sometimes gets paid if you click one of the affiliate commercial links and purchase a product or service. Regardless of this potential revenue, unless stated otherwise, the site only recommends products or services they use personally. 

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Security Updates

Source codes provided by Dynamic Drive, a comprehensive site featuring DHTML. 
Scripting by The JavaScript Source, a resource for JavaScripts.
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AutoSurf Player navigation controls are always at the bottom corners of the screen:

Click to resume AutoSurfing (if paused).

Click to stop (or pause) AutoSurfing.



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